LG2 Communications Agency Headquarters


An example of creativity and flexibility (2021)

With three floors and 60,000 square feet, this building located in Montreal's Rosemont district stands out visually with a unique structural framework: shark tooth shape, huge and omnipresent windows, soldier bricks (placed vertically), etc.

Not to mention the interior portion with its curtain wall, polished concrete, integrated furniture, state-of-the-art appliances, monumental central staircase that looks like a stage, high-end custom LED lighting and a host of other attributes.

Sidcan demonstrated impressive agility and flexibility in this mandate, as the entire interior design had to be redesigned when the pandemic suddenly struck.

While the original concept called for a lot of open and common spaces, his team was forced to go back to the drawing board when Covid-19 came along.  

This reduced the amount of office space in addition to eliminating assigned workstations. Numerous small multi-purpose rooms were also implemented, whether for teleconferences or to provide employees with isolation areas. The main change was the implementation of six work zones: co-working, collaboration, concentration, etc. At the end of the runway, the reduction in the number of offices allowed for more open space for the 250 people who work there every day.

Sidcan also created the sections dedicated to the cafeteria and coffee bar as well as the huge roof terrace.  

LG2 has even received numerous visits in its offices from entrepreneurs wishing to discover this hybrid work mode that shows audacity, vision, courage and avant-gardism.

Sidcan has taken up the challenge of building offices for future needs without even knowing what the future will consist of.

Montreal, Qc

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